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Colours – our first book

Colours – our first book

We are so proud to introduce our very first book, entitled Colours.

Colours is a children’s book by author and illustrator, Anita Lester, capturing a warmth, magic and sweetness, unlike any other.

This exciting adventure takes early aged readers to the blossoms of Japan, all the way to the sweetness of chocolate and a cat named Miro in front of a cosy fire. It encourages the reader to look out into the world for inspiration, away from digital trappings!

A curious adventure not to be missed, Colours reminds us of strawberry feasts, boats on the big open sea, but most importantly, for budding artists to never stop making!

The concept was born out of the acknowledgement of the digital world, and how we as individuals can encourage the younger generation to absorb all the things around us, rather than being glued to neon lights.

The environment features heavily in all of Anita’s books, being a constant motivation for education of that subject.